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Prior to the Interview

  • Plan your journey, where will you park? Allow for traffic hold-ups and build in time to get lost, even Satellite Navigation systems can go wrong! It is so unprofessional to be late, you will be even more nervous!
  • If the worst of the worst happens and you are going to be held up, telephone ahead and be pessimistic about the time of you arrival. There is nothing more unprofessional if you are going to be late, inform the interviewer and then you are still late!
  • Research the company and if possible, the interviewer.
  • Prepare questions that you want to ask about the company, why is there a vacancy? You need to get an understanding of the culture and environment. It will demonstrate to the interviewer that you are interested in the job and working for the company.
  • Go to the loo, check your appearance, calm down and wash your hands!

During the Interview

  • Firm handshake with eye contact to everybody in the room.
  • Relax, smile and be yourself. They asked to see you, remember!
  • Sell yourself, not only on your past achievements, but on what you can bring to their company.
  • Ask the questions that you have prepared.
  • LISTEN attentively and answer the questions honestly. Integrity is important and an interviewer will pay more credence to you as a candidate if you are honest.
  • Expect to be asked technical questions about your skills and experience. You may be asked to take some tests.
  • At the end of the interview, if you want the job, tell them you are interested and let them know your availability. Do not leave any doubt in their minds.
  • Thank the interviewer for seeing you and shake hands.

Finally - Phone your consultant and give them honest feedback on how you think the interview went.

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Lamination Infusion / Closed Moulding Manager - Qld, Australia.

Lamination Open Moulding Manager Qld, Australia.

Research Scientist (Composite Characterisation) - East Midlands, UK.

Open & Closed Moulding Supervisor (GFRP) - Malaysia.

Composites Development Engineer East Midlands, UK.

Production Manager N.W. England.

International Technical Sales Manager Home Counties, UK (Remote Working).

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