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At Composites People, our objective is not just to find people whose qualifications and experience broadly match your requirements, we aim to identify and attract those people who will make the greatest contribution to your team.

The composite materials industry is now worth 53 billion per annum.  It employs over half a million people worldwide and is evolving on a truly global, cross-border scale.  However, as employers are aware, the industry continues to face acute skills and manpower shortages, from boardroom executives to semi-skilled operatives.  As specialist recruitment consultants, we have the expertise and capability to help you align your human capital strategy with your business strategy; an essential objective to any business seeking to achieve success.

Our services
Our team of consultants, who share over 50 years recruitment industry experience on the global stage, have the knowledge and expertise of the composites market to help your business recruit and retain the best possible people. 

Our recruitment services are consultative and comprehensive.  Our service can be applied to the recruitment of a single candidate for a specific role or to large scale recruitment campaigns.  We engage with our clients to develop and agree effective recruitment strategies and tactics and we execute thoroughly to completion.  Completion, in our definition, means the end of the probationary period agreed between the client and the successful placed candidate.  This means we continue our engagement with our client and with the successful candidate by supporting them both, beyond the first day of work right through to the point at which the candidate is notified by the client of continued employment. 

Not only are our permanent recruitment services consultative, they are comprehensive and cover:

  • Job description drafting
  • Candidate specification developing and drafting
  • Advertising copy drafting, media selection and placement
  • Campaign project management
  • Response handling
  • Profiling, screening, assessment and testing
  • Competency based initial interviews
  • Shortlisting
  • Off-site interview facilities for use by clients and candidates
  • Offer or rejection handling
  • Referencing and qualification validation
  • Security testing and clearance
  • Salary and benefits benchmarking
  • Demographic surveys and forecasts

'Early stage' companies
For the many 'early stage' companies in the composite materials industry, we also have experience of designing and implementing recruitment strategies, often working on assignments that require multidisciplinary teams to be brought together.

To review all our services, visit the following pages:

+44 (0)1798 861969


Lamination Infusion / Closed Moulding Manager - Qld, Australia.

Lamination Open Moulding Manager Qld, Australia.

Research Scientist (Composite Characterisation) - East Midlands, UK.

Open & Closed Moulding Supervisor (GFRP) - Malaysia.

Composites Development Engineer East Midlands, UK.

Production Manager N.W. England.

International Technical Sales Manager Home Counties, UK (Remote Working).

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