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About Us | Managed Recruitment Services

Composites People is equipped to deliver an extensive portfolio of managed services to its clients including:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing
More and more organisations are outsourcing certain business processes to specialist providers.  Here at Composites People, our speciality is the provision of human capital services to the composites industry and one of our core competencies is recruitment.  Linking our recruitment capability with our management and consulting expertise provides clients with a compelling RPO option allowing them to outsource some or all of the recruitment function for Composites People to manage in its entirety.  In this service model we are embedded in the client’s business as an intrinsic component of the HR function.  We work with our clients to shape and develop recruitment strategy and tactics across the whole organisation to deliver the totality of recruitment needs.

This service model provides: 

  • Permanent access to the recruitment capacity of one of the UK’s leading composites human capital services organisations
  • A partner to consult with on developing recruitment strategy and tactics – short, medium and long-term
  • Improved efficiency of the recruitment business process and supply chain
  • Improved productivity; lowering the unit cost of recruitment
  • Substituting fixed recruitment costs for variable costs based on bespoke deliverables.

Vendor Management
Engaging Composites People to act as a master vendor allows clients to control the time and cost associated with staffing and recruitment to a greater degree than ever before.  Quality and productivity is improved whilst costs can be lowered.  Organisations dealing with multiple recruitment providers are often not able to achieve the best and most consistent value for money.  The organisation's own line managers are required to be further engaged than necessary diminishing focus on  their core activities and responsibilities.  Dealing with multiple providers in this way means that organisations rarely know the true cost of recruitment and suffer inconsistent and sub-standard service delivery.

A master vendor relationship with Composites People not only identifies the real cost of recruitment, but that cost is delivered through a single invoice.  The recruitment supply chain is rationalised and improved, lowering the unit cost of recruitment.  The service model also enables the establishment of a definitive service standard enshrined in a Service Level Agreement and the delivery of bespoke management information covering all recruitment activity.

Composites People’s service is offered to clients where it may be a direct provider of staff or on a “neutral” basis where we do not provide any staff directly and only manage the vendor group on behalf of the client.

On-site Managed Services
Some clients task Composites People to coordinate and manage the provision of recruitment, staffing and other human capital management services from their own premises, particularly where site demand and volumes are high. The benefits of this approach are that a deeper understanding is forged as a result of closer integration into the clients business and culture.  This leads to enhanced management and coordination of the service process, closer involvement with client operational staff to delivering better communication and responsiveness to needs and the development of bespoke operational and financial management information, often using the clients own systems and processes.

+44 (0)1798 861969


Lamination Infusion / Closed Moulding Manager - Qld, Australia.

Lamination Open Moulding Manager – Qld, Australia.

Research Scientist (Composite Characterisation) - East Midlands, UK.

Open & Closed Moulding Supervisor (GFRP) - Malaysia.

Composites Development Engineer – East Midlands, UK.

Production Manager – N.W. England.

International Technical Sales Manager – Home Counties, UK (Remote Working).

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