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About Us | Executive Search and Selection

Search and Selection Services
Strong leadership is essential to the delivery of a company's strategy and vision, whether they be global or local, large or small. Identifying and recruiting the right individual can be a difficult and time consuming challenge but when achieved, will add considerable value to an organisation.

The best candidates for senior posts are very rarely scanning the appointments pages – they need to be found and executive search is now the preferred method of identifying the highest-quality candidates, particularly where confidentiality is a high priority or in a scarce skills environment.

Composites People offers clients a director-led executive search & selection service, dedicated to the composites industry and committed to finding the best candidates for senior management positions. Our network of clients and contacts extends around the globe and range from multinational corporations to growing private businesses.

Our Approach
Clients who commission Composites People can be confident that their assignments will be undertaken or overseen personally by one of our directors and supported by a dedicated team of researchers and consultants. Each search assignment is unique and is based on sound brief taking and meticulous research utilising the latest technology and carried out with imagination, persistence and the utmost discretion.  Great emphasis is placed on our supporting, partnering and guiding our clients throughout the assignment, until a successful conclusion is reached.
Our strong track record has been built on the professional capabilities of our directors who, between them, have over 50 years of experience in recruitment at a senior level. 

 At Composites People we recognise that our future success is dependent on our continuing ability to deliver creative and successful recruitment solutions that will provide clients with competitive advantage in today's increasingly competitive markets.  As a result we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients, maintaining awareness of trends and changes in their business environment and understanding their senior management requirements. 

We adopt a research-driven approach to finding the right candidate.

Needs assessment
(business needs & strategies, market position, company culture)

Candidate profile & Job description written

Research plan & target list prepared & agreed with client

Candidate identification & approach

Candidate assessment through competency based interviews

Candidate testing

(psychometric assessment, if required)

Presentation of shortlist

Client/Candidate Interview

Support in negotiation of offer terms

Manage rejection procedures

Follow up with client & candidate

Following a detailed briefing, our researchers study the market and create a target list of organisations / individuals who are approached to confirm suitability and establish the level of interest. Those shortlisted will be interviewed by an experienced consultant, who will then supply a shortlist of candidates who meet the clients’ specification. Our detailed knowledge of the composite materials market - and the compensation & benefits packages offered to their executives - can help to streamline the recruitment process.

Adding Value
While the right strengths and capabilities are fundamental, the recruitment process should ensure that the preferred candidate will enhance the existing skill set of the senior management team and that they will be a good fit in terms of management style, cultural background and personality. In a highly competitive and fast changing business sector, today's successful companies require specific qualities over and above the core skills and experience required for the job and demand a standard of leadership commensurate with the next stage in their growth, development or diversification.

At Composites People, we have access to a range of candidate assessment techniques, including psychometric assessment, further in-depth structured interviews and development centre activities. These techniques provide an objective view of a candidates' competencies to inform and assist the selection process.

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Lamination Infusion / Closed Moulding Manager - Qld, Australia.

Lamination Open Moulding Manager – Qld, Australia.

Research Scientist (Composite Characterisation) - East Midlands, UK.

Open & Closed Moulding Supervisor (GFRP) - Malaysia.

Composites Development Engineer – East Midlands, UK.

Production Manager – N.W. England.

International Technical Sales Manager – Home Counties, UK (Remote Working).

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