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Getting Paid

Once you start an assignment with Composites People, you will be automatically added to our weekly payroll system.

How does this work?

By the end of your first working week, you will have received your Contract of Employment and Payroll Pack from your allocated Candidate Services Co-ordinator at Composites People.

The payroll pack will include a timesheet, prepaid envelope, timesheet procedure factsheet and a P46 for those of you who are working through PAYE.

At the end of your first week, you will need to complete your timesheet, have it signed by your supervisor and fax it over to our Payroll department. You need to put an original copy of your timesheet in the prepaid envelope along with your P45 or P46. Why fax you may ask? If you put your timesheets in the post straight away, Composites People don't always receive them before the payroll is run - better to be safe then sorry.

If you are operating through a limited company, our Payroll department will need a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association. You will also need to send us invoices on company headed paper every week.

Of course, most importantly, we will require written confirmation of your bank details too and there will be a form included in your original payroll pack to put these details on!

What if I haven't got a bank account? - (Non UK Resident Temps)

You can set up a bank account with any Bank or Building Society, but you will need to arrange an appointment with them first. It is vital that you take with you your passport (where appropriate), and a letter confirming employment. They will then try and apply for a Bankers reference from abroad and once they have obtained a satisfactory reference, they should be able to open up a full current account for you with cheque book facilities. However, please check beforehand with each individual bank or Building Society as the procedure may differ between each one.

When does payroll run?

Composites People run their payroll every Tuesday. It is imperative for all Candidates to get their timesheets in on the Friday before or, at the very latest, by 10.00 a.m. on the following Monday. If for any reason you are not able to fax a timesheet over by the deadline, phone your CSC and they may be able to make alternative arrangements for you.

After the payroll has been completed, each working Candidate will be issued their payslip and a new timesheet will be sent out for the following week. Please be aware that this is dependent on how the London postal system decide to operate, and there may sometimes be delays.

But when do I get my money?

Your salary will be in your account on Friday - just in time for the weekend!

+44 (0)1798 861969


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