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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to live and work in the UK. What do I need?

Go here for information about visas etc.

When do I need to register with Composites People if I'm coming to the UK on a working visa?

As soon as possible. Call the Temp Team on +44 (0)1798 861808 upon your arrival in the UK and we will arrange a mutually convenient interview time.

How does Holiday Pay work?

A recent judgement within the European Court of Justice (16/03/2006) in the case of Robinson Steele and RD Retail Services Limited stated that the 'rolled-up holiday pay' system (which was used by the majority of recruitment agencies) breached the EU's Working Time Directive. In reaction to this ruling Composites People changed the way that we now pay our temporary contractors who operate on a PAYE basis: All our temporary contractors who operate on a PAYE basis receive an hourly rate plus your entitlement to accrued holiday pay under the Working Time Regulations. The Proportion is 1/12th of your gross salary, for example you accrue holiday pay at the rate of 1 day of your average daily hours worked for every 2.5 weeks that you have worked.

How can I set up a bank account?

This information can be found here. As soon as you obtain your first temporary assignment through Composites People, we can provide you with a letter of introduction for a bank of your choice. Getting paid, more details...

How do I get a National Insurance Number?

You need to contact your local Department of Social Security Office (telephone numbers should be available in the Yellow Pages) to make an initial appointment. You will then need to go along with your passport and register with them. Be prepared to wait for 4-6 weeks for your interview! A National Insurance Number should be sent to you about 4 weeks after your interview.

+44 (0)1798 861969


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